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I had an amazing idea back in December, it was to create a course based on the photography lessons I taught in a private school. But instead of teaching in person- I could put them online for anyone! The e-course is linked here.

That’s how Lightbox Photography Club got started. I wrote the 9 lessons and assignments in a few days, then started filming, uploading and editing for the next 6 months- wow! I can hardly believe it’s been that long.

This eCourse is based in fine art, it’s NOT iPhone hacks for amateurs. You learn the history of photography, parts of a film camera, lighting, angles, composition and we study 3 master photographers. Each lesson is a video ranging from 6-17 minutes total and then the kids get a photography assignment corresponding to the lesson. There are a total of 9 lessons and assignments- these could be done over 9 weeks this summer!

I had my first photography class back in 8th grade and ever since then I have used this marketable skill in many ways: my own photography business starting in college, photographing senior pictures, family photos, weddings and commercial work for local and out of state churches. Now I used my photography skill on my blog and as an Instagram Influencer (getting free product to photograph and share- sometimes paid posts!)

Growing up my mom & dad were adamant that my sisters and I all have marketable skills. A skill that could support us if married later in life or ever became widowed or divorced. Not just a college degree, but a useful skill in the workplace. What my parents didn’t know at the time was that this push toward finding my passion and becoming skillful early in life would influence so many other areas of my life.

As social media grows, there will be a bigger need in the future for photographers. Could your son or daughter have a passion for photography and not know it? This is an art skill for even NON-ARTISTS because everyone will photograph their vacations, holidays and special events. And most of us have a camera in our pocket (smartphone!) This course does not require a fancy DSLR camera, or a point-and-shoot or a film camera. Just a devise that can upload images into a computer.

The summer enrollment for this Ecourse will be June 3-24th and then will close- and it will only be $59 for the entire course! This course is offered through and is self-paced. I do recommend 1 lesson and assignment per week but your student can speed that up or slow that down depending on your summer schedule.

If you want to save money click here for a coupon code of -$15 off. You will sign up for my Light Box Photography Club email list- that’s it.

The course is $59 but for $99 you can get the e-course and a personal portfolio critique for your child’s photos from me! This is great for older more advanced kids or kids who already like art. If you are a parent this portfolio critique is not critical- it’s me giving feedback on lighting, composition and recommendations for how your child can get better!

I am so excited for the kids out ther who haven’t discovered their gift for photography! Please share this course with kids 10-16 years of age or pin an image below to help me spread the word.



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