Traveling Abroad Part 2

This is a continuation of a series I started because there is so much to know when traveling internationally! After you have booked your flights, your hotel or apartment and created a loose schedule- then you need to start getting your packing guide ready!

I recommend a large backpack if you are traveling through Europe- it’s so much easier to walk through the airport, get on the metro and walk to your final destination! But if you bring a backpack you will need to create a capsule wardrobe for your trip! Here’s how I packed for our 8-day trip to Paris this past November:

  • 2 pairs of shoes (wear the bulkier pair on the flight)
  • 3 pair of bottoms including the pair you wear on the flight (plan to wear them all 2x)
  • 2 coats (wear bulkier on flight)
  • 1 sweaters (then bought one in Paris!)
  • 4 tops (plan to wear them all 2x)
  • 2 dresses (with tights)
  • 6 pairs of socks and undies
  • scarf, gloves and beret

I like to try on my outfits and make sure they mix and match at least 2 ways and then sometimes even reference these photos when I get to my destination! I like to save my dresses for nicer restaurants & museums! Our apartment did have a washing machine but no dryer-eek! So we did wash our clothes and then hang them to dry on the heated towel rack overnight.

I created this graphic above so you could see outfits that easily mix and match without having a completely neutral vacation wardrobe. I also like the look and versatility of a jumpsuit! It’s more fun to wear then jeans everyday and the loose style of the wide leg creates a new silhouette too! When you choose shirts make sure they match at least 2 of the 3 bottoms, and when you choose shoes make they match several outfits each. I love the idea of a printed coat for some visual interest and if you are traveling abroad- a backpack style purse is a must!!!

So what about Spring & Summer vacation capsules? Well I am glad you asked- I think these are so much easier to create because if you are like me and enjoy a simple summer dress that’s half you wardrobe. If you don’t enjoy dresses try this challenge: photograph yourself in your spring and summer clothes for 2 weeks, then go back over your favorite looks and pack those! As you can see above, I wore almost the same pair of Pons sandals for 2 weeks- ha ha! I love them so much and they look more pulled together then flip flops. I did create a warm weather vacation capsule below for reference.

The only changes I made to this capsule is the amount of tops/ tees and took out the coats! In the summer you need more tops to mix and match because these usually get sweaty faster and it’s fun to have some options. I personally like the look of trainers with dresses but you prefer another type of sandals then add that instead.

Both of these vacation capsules are for 6-7 days so if you are going for 10-14 days I would add in 3 more tops and 2 more bottoms to give variety without overpacking! Another great tip is to plan an outfit for travel and wear it and there and back! Just wash it in between. I like a short sleeve top and cardigan I can take off for flights during the winter. For warmer weather flights I wear a dress & sandals (bring socks!) and a light jacket I can put over my legs or around my shoulders. I like dresses because they don’t dig into your tummy on longer flights.

Last but not least, I would put a change of clothes in your carry on, in case your bags get delayed!

I hope this was helpful for you! Remember that just like meal planning, planning a vacation wardrobe will save so much time when you get to your destination! It’s worth the pre-planning before hand, actually I think it’s fun to have my favorite outfits or outfits I love on vacation!



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