Traveling Abroad Part 1

I love to travel and part of the fun for me is the planning and research! I know most people don’t know where to start when traveling to another country so here is how I start:

  • Choose a loose schedule to look up flight costs. For instance if you want to travel to Paris in May from Orlando, FL. I like to use Google Flights and search May 15th, 22nd and 28th. Since Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly you can get an idea of the different costs per week. I found that May 15 was $362 round trip and May 22 was $462 round trip and May 28th was $569! Wow, that’s only a difference of 3 weeks in the same month but that added cost can really add up.
  • After you book your flights- create a schedule for the week and plug in the sites you want to see and day trips etc. For the schedule below, I just added in a table and then added the right amount of rows and columns that I needed.
  • Start with the day you leave and then put not only the date but the corresponding day of the week– this will help you when you want to add museums and excursions. Then look up the places you want to go and add their hours to your schedule.
  • Fill in the days you travel so you can see when you need a hotel or apartment booked and when you need to check out.
  • Next set up a budget for yourself- put in flights, search apartments on airbnb or vrbo and get an idea of the lodging cost. Below I listed out prices for a couple to stay in our favorite part of Paris for 6 nights vs. a family of 4 in the same area.For the past decade we have used the model of $50 a day for food per person and $50 for entertainment (metro ticket, museums entrance ticket and shopping) to be an average for us when we travel. We might get a coffee and croissant for $10 for breakfast, a simple baguette sandwich package for $20 at Versaille and then go out for a simple dinner of burgers at Black and White Burgers for $25, which is only $55 for the day! But the next morning, we might eat at the Saint Regis for breakfast and pay $40 for the both of us. I have found it evens out pretty well if we plan to eat a simple breakfast at the apartment most mornings or keep it simple with fruit and a baguette.
  • I have a great tip for breakfast when traveling abroad- bring some instant oatmeal packets for a quick and hearty meal when you wake up! We bought bottled water and fresh fruit every couple days to add to our oatmeal- I loved currants on our oatmeal or another kind of berry. Amazon has a box of 20 for $15 here
  • Next start to fill in your schedule with ideas of what you want to do each day- usually I plan 1 or 2 big events and then leave room for some wandering around the city.

So in conclusion, the approximate budget for couples to travel to Paris from Orlando, Fl in May 2019 for 8 days is: $3,800 and for a family of 4 it’s $5,200 which is pretty good for a trip abroad!

  • A few ways to cut cost- stay in a hostel for a dramatic cost diffenence per night and buy groceries and keep food costs lower!
  • The other option I will talk about more on another post is to work on an organic farm to pay for room & food! This could cut costs in half 🙂

I hope this was a help to anyone dreaming of Paris or a trip abroad!



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