Learning with My Kids: homeschool 2018

This school year is going to be very different, because I have been incredibly inspired by a book called Guerrilla Learning.

At the end of each chapter the exercises for the reader (the parent!) had some new ideas about learning- specifically how to incorporate  your own continued learning with your child.

Hand Lettering

So this homeschool year I will be learning along side my boys- for instance, they will be doing handwriting each day and I will be learning hand lettering with my own workbook too! This not only makes the start of each day exciting for me (one of my weaknesses is getting tired of a project and not being consistent) because I will have my own creative outlet to do right next to my boys.

Mother/Son Book Club

I am also going to continue with our mother/son book club this year! My older son Brooks is a very strong reader and last winter we started reading the same books together- 30 pages a day and then got to talk about the books! It was a huge hit! A little tip for picking books: choose award winning books! Our library had an entire section of them so it made our choices very easy. Most of them were older classics (which I loved!) and new children’s authors for us to discover too.

Volunteer Work

I have also decided we will add volunteering to our homeschool year. We have visited a sheep farm called Shepherd’s Cross located in Claremore, OK several times during their fall pumpkin festival and I always feel so drawn to that farm. I am going to call and request volunteer paperwork and hopefully we can serve there twice  month.

New History Curriculum

We are also branching out and starting a history curriculum with the boys! We are switching over to  Precious People World History from The Peaceful Press  and I am so excited about this change most of all- since this curriculum is guiding the rhythm of our day it will be more literature based, which is what I have always wanted for our homeschool but never felt I had the time or effort to create!

New Math & Lyrical Science

Since my son has struggled with math for about 2 years I decided to try Saxon math… rather reluctantly though! I remember using this curriculum when I was homeschooled myself and apparently remembered it wrong. My mom reminded me that this was the curriculum that changed everything for me so here we go! I researched Saxon and through several youtube video suggestions bought a used 1st edition book because these were closest to the author’s (John Saxon) vision for math. I found the kindergarten used for $30 and the Grade 4/5 used for $5 locally at Bibliomania and the Teachers Guide used on eBay for $16!

My mom also shared a fun book/tape set called Lyrical Life Science and I will be getting the audio tape put on CD this week. We will listen to the science songs on fridays! Here is a youtube link if you are interested in hearing them!

Character Camp

The week before homeschool we are doing “Character Camp” in which each morning we will read about one character trait, study the animal and read the bible story! I am using the 3-volume books Character Sketches that my mom used when homeschooling my sisters and I- I love these books!!!

I chose Determination (Salmon/Elisha) Responsibility (Otter/Moses) Courage (Skunk/David) Contentment (Porcupine/Nehemiah) Gratefulness (Eagle/Ruth & Boaz) We will focus on an obedient heart and a good attitude, the idea is to transition into school with this camp style week before school.

Here’s to a great year with my boys.



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