5 Lists Every Woman Should Make in 2018

I love the New Year, especially the fresh start it brings. I also love goal setting!

But what about those who are frustrated with the same goals from year to year  that aren’t being accomplished (can we say weight loss here!)

So instead, I want to set a challenge of creating these lists for the new year

1. Write a List of What Brings You JOY!

I read the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin years ago with a group of friends, she talks about the importance of knowing yourself and what brings you joy. Whether you are a mother, wife or single gal this is a must for your new year. Knowing what fills you up and brings joy to your heart can revolutionize your life.

You can spend each week tucking in little activities or moments just for you… to fill you up and help you connect with yourself. When you take time for yourself that’s very intentional you have more of you to give to others… sounds backwards I know! But trust me, when you write that list and make those things a daily, weekly and monthly priority you will be the best version of yourself and actually be a better you when the year ends.

Need some inspiration? Here are the things that bring me joy:

  • quiet time first thing in the morning
  • worship music
  • hot soak in a bath
  • a candle burning
  • reading a good book
  • face masks
  • oil cleansing
  • coffee with frothed milk
  • visiting an art museum
  • walking outside
  • sewing
  • planning vacations
  • reading new recipes
  • dehydrating food
  • creating new salad recipes
  • watercolor painting
  • film photography
  • embroidering clothes
  • being in nature
  • listenting to podcasts
  • journaling
  • studying home design
  • researching health
  • creating a capsule wardrobe
  • decluttering
  • field trips
  • reflexology
  • bike riding
  • gardening
  • going to the library
  • pressing flowers
  • refashioning vintage clothes
  • listening to The Daily Connoisseur Youtube Channel
  • juicing
  • sitting in a sauna

Does that help you? One thing I made myself leave off is food. Yes, that’s right. There aren’t many women who don’t enjoy food- but we need to know things beyond eating that bring us joy. I would make your list and feel free to add a piece of chocolate while you read a good book- but don’t let the chocolate be the main focus! Food can be a fickle master- the main reason is that it can be addicting! Let your list bring out the best in you.

I also intentionally left of shopping of any kind because I am a recovering shopaholic and I need a list of other things besides spending money on new clothes I can go to- also since starting my capsule wardrobe I have seen that I can create joy by spending time on creating new looks from my current collection of clothing! Yay!!!!

2. Write a List of What Steals Your Joy!

Did you know you have specific trigger points? There are different personalities and tendancies in each of us and we continually fall into this trap of letting the same things steal our joy over and over again? So why don’t we make a list and try to prevent those things from happening? Here are some things that steal my joy:

  • drama with friends or family
  • assuming what other people are doing or saying- instead over communicate
  • overflowing dirty laundry basket
  • sink full of dirty dishes
  • all work, no play!
  • being late to church
  • being lazy and unproductive
  • feeling distant from my husband
  • house clutter
  • arguing with my husband
  • unforgiveness
  • being easily offended

These are specific to me, I am curious to hear what triggers a negative feeling in you and let’s say your day is going so well, you feel so happy and then BAM!!!!! What is that thing? Or Things that steal your happiness, some things in life require a good attitude  within a non-joyful moment but some can be prevented or at least prepared for, do you agree?

3. Write a List of What Brings you Peace!

This list might be shorter and more specific but it also doesn’t have to be an activity, in contrast it could be an atmosphere in your home that you crave? Here are some of my ideas for what brings me peace:

  • starting my morning in quiet time with the Lord, praying, journaling and giving my cares to  Him!
  • being prepared for the day
  • reading in the quiet of my home
  • being grateful
  • confessions over myself
  • classical music
  • a clean kitchen
  • doing a creative project with my hands
  • menu planning done
  • when my kids play along sweetly
  • serving my family at home
  • serving my husband with small thoughtful things

Joy and Peace could be similar to you if you don’t take the time to notice the difference and how peace is more of an inner contentedness and joy is more of happiness and can happen often within events or activities.

4. Write a List of What Steals Your Peace!

This list has made a huge impact in my day-to-day life when I realized I was constantly losing my peace because my iphone was losing battery life and I was forgetting to charge it. I would get in my car to run errands to have it totally die on my while we were out- this would disrupt all the plans and then it wasn’t available to help with google maps or using my notes app or taking photos of our house remodel progress. What was wrong with me? This ONE THING was stealing my peace almost daily- um duh!!!! Once I wrote it down, I was able to be conscious of it and now I keep it charged all the time. Here are some other areas that I hope to tweak next year:

  • overcommitting
  • unprepared dinners
  • clutter
  • clean clothes in baskets to put away
  • dirty dishes in the sink and dishwasher
  • iPhone battery not charged
  • cluttered car
  • trash in my purse
  • when I am impatient with my kids
  • being ungrateful
  • fear about losing another family member

I lost my dad suddenly in October 2016 and it changed everything, all my relationships, all of my goals… everything. Life is so much more then status and money friends, it’s investing in people around you! I only wished for more time with my dad, more adventures and less worrying about stuff. So I want to be intentional about what brings me joy & peace and what steals it!

5. Write a List of 12 Books to Read in 2018 (one per month minimum)

So many friends ask how I read so much, it’s important to me so I make time for it- but also it brings me joy and helps me to de-stress! I also love that it gives me things to talk about other then my kids or house remodel- ha ha! And I like choosing books that will help me to become a better person and then choose books that will help me to escape into an adventure, both are important. Here are some books that I want to read or re-read in 2018:

  • The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp ( I read maybe 10 years ago, so this is a re-read!)
  • Hidden Art by Edith Schaeffer ( read in college – but want to add more art into my life so another re-read for this year)
  • Essentialism (started, taking it slow- loving it!)
  • Rising Strong by Brene Brown (gift from my sister and loving it so far)
  • Little Book of Lykke (loved his first book about Hygge!)
  • The Book That Takes It’s Time (gift for Christmas- creative mindfulness!!!!)
  • Cultivate by Lara Casey (Loving her power sheets, maybe I should read this?)
  • Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin (got this on audio, so far so good)
  • The Happiest Kids in the World (started and loved- then loaned to a friend, eek!)
  • 20 Ways to Make Every Day Better by Joyce Meyer (got this book for working at her conference! Taking it slow and using in my Bible time)
  •  Home School Burnout by Raymond Moore (started and packed away- will finish when we unpack!)
  • Harry Potter series (reading aloud with my oldest, want to finish the rest of the books this year! We got one of the illustrated books for Christmas- gorgeous!)
  • The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell (requested from the library!)
  • Paris for One by Jojo Moyes (I love her books!)
  • Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (heard this was a hard story to read but amazing!)
  • The Lying Game by Ruth Ware (I love her other 2 books!)
  • The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa (saw this on the Target shelf!)
  • Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams (this just intrigues me)
  • Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (this title has been hooked!)
  • Reading People by Anne Bogel (She has great book recommendations, this is her first book so I am very curious!)

I hope that list got you excited for your year of reading, even if you started with 10-30 pages a day you could read so many books this year! Remember “Leaders are Readers” and it’s such a great way to have “me time” if you struggle with that! Do you have any books you want to read this year? Please share in the comments!













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  1. Love this so much <3
    I already picked my word for the year and made my lists but I will be doing this as well!

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