Homeschool Planning Fall 2017

This will be my first year to homeschool 2 kids and its a little frightening- can I admit that? I guess it’s better to get it out there now and then confront my fears and work through them with prayer and the Lords help.

We also are living with my mom and don’t actually have a homeschool room… hmmmm this should be interesting. I will be doing a simplified version of our provious years and will try to keep things in a M/W/F & T/TH block schedule and use the “clipboard” method. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • M/W/F- spelling, handwriting, T4L and Logic for B and handwriting, math, puzzles and T4L for Sullivan. (T4L is Time 4 Learning website)
  • T/TH-reading, art (drawing) for both boys and T4L
  • Fridays once a month will be nature study group & field trip
  • First Wednesdays are Philbrook art class 

For the planning this year I went through Alicia Hutchinson’s program on her site called Learning Well and printed out (and spiral bound!) her Lesson Planner, I’m so excited about this and will share a few of the pages for you to see (click here to buy)

We use an online curriculum called Time4Learning and my boys LOVE it. Personally I prefer a Charlotte Mason style with poetry, tea time and nature study… but alas we tried this and Brooks needed a more independent style and I needed the structure of a pre-planned curriculum and love how I can type in our “start date” & “finish date” and the website puts our lesson plans together. Then I add in literature, art, field trips, handwriting and spelling on our own. It’s the best of both worlds. Here are some new workbooks I’m ordering soon:

Now I need to get a total for our books and get the OK from my husband to make our purchases! I’m hoping my mom will have the dining room cleared out so we can do school in there every morning… our start date is August 24th!

Let me know if you have any questions-




P.S. I also use The Anchor for daily ideas for Kindergarten! 








2 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning Fall 2017

  1. I am going on my third year teaching my two boys {9 & 6}. You’ll do great! God will give you the grace & strength you need!!

    We use My Fathers World for bible, history & science. It works well for us so I can teach each of those at the same time together, then they have separate seat work. We adjust things as we go. Beauty of homeschooling!! ☺️

    There are so many ways to homeschool and I love it because you can make it work for your family however you choose!! And what works best for each child. LOVE it!!!

    And the biggest kicker is GOD! I could not do this without him!! Hope you have a great year!!! Love following you!! 💙💙

  2. This is my first year teaching 2 as well, my oldest is a 4th grader and starting kindergarten with my other son. I did the planning with Alicia this year and thought it was so good. My oldest used those Star Wars workbooks when he was younger and I forgot how much he liked those. We don’t start school until September. Have a blessed school year with your boys!

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