The IHLOFF Style Sessions in Tulsa (Free!!!)

Aveda is hosting the most amazing event in Tulsa- 3 days of FREE style sessions!?

Say What? It’s available  to current and new clients to experience more of what the Ihloff offers within their salon and who doesn’t love being pampered? But getting pampered by one of the leading salons in Tulsa for free? When does that happen- well I’m glad you asked:

May 10,11 & 12 you can call and book numerous sessions from 10am-7pm on those days- but space is limited, it’s first come first serve. 918-587-2566.

Today I got to book a few of these sessions early to help promote the ones I liked best and I have to be honest- they were all amazing! I started with a gloss treatment on my hair, then I had my brows waxed while she talked me through my skin care routine and made some suggestions- I also asked lots of questions like: “what’s the best way to apply toner for my skin” and “how many times a week should I exfoliate my skin” I loved that she was seeing my skin, cleaning it and giving personal recommendations! Then I had my makeup done with all the beautiful spring colors! It was glorious- I felt so pampered-get on the phone and book your sessions right now!

One last thing: you’ll love the Ihloff salon and their friendly staff and how they will offer you specialty water, hot tea or coffee during your visit!

While you are in the salon consider a gift card for Mother’s Day (the massages are incredible!) and browse through their amazing products! I’m most excited to try their dry shampoo and curl enhancer- every girl needs a good dry shampoo on hand, am I right?

I hope you make an appointment to pamper yourself next week and take advantage of these free sessions with in Tulsa!




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