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Through the years I’ve struggled with sleep and it became even harder when we had kids and my body became so in tune with every cry from my baby! Then you add a second child into the mix and getting asleep (and staying asleep!) becomes even harder.

So here are my top 2 suggestions to aid your body naturally for a deeper sleep. Melatonin and a Magnesium powder fizz drink safe for both delicious and good for you!


For those days you don’t sleep well and need to absolutely get a solid nights sleep I recommend Utzy Melatonin chewables or U-mag (magnesium fizz drink) they both taste great and are quick to take before bed. I like to give myself a window of about 15-20 minutes to calm down, read and let the supplements take effect.

The U-mag is free of gluten, yeast, artificial colors & flavors- instead its flavored with organic lemon and stevia leaf! You just add one scoop (approx 5 1/2 grams) to 2-3 ounces of water, stir and enjoy! If the flavor is too potent you can also add more water to dilute the fix- I love it with about 3 ounces of water total. This one scoop of magnesium cabonate is your 100% daily suggested value – yay!

Utzy also makes the BEST melotonin for 3 reasons- it tastes like cherry, its a chewable (no water by the bedside required) and it works so well. I am new to Melatonin and even though I don’t use it nightly (it’s for occasional sleeplessness only!) it has been a life saver for me when I need a guaranteed deep sleep.  Here’s a little info Utzy shares on their website:

“Melatonin is a hormone, produced in the pineal gland, that helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. We offer Micro Melatonin as a low dose alternative for those looking for a gentler result. Micro Melatonin has a base of tart cherry extract, which recent studies indicate may increase natural melatonin levels, resulting in improved sleep quality. Formulated in a quick dissolve cherry flavored tablet, which tastes great and helps to increase absorption.”

I highly recommend all of these products to have on hand to help your body get a deep sleep every night. Did you know the body does repair work when you sleep? It’s so important to sleep deeply so your body can do this important work and keep your immune system strong! You show me an adult who doesn’t sleep well and I can guarantee they also struggle with their health. Here are links to my favorite Utzy products for sleep:

Micro Melatonin


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