Spring Capsule Wardrobe 5×5

I first heard the idea of a capsule wardrobe from the book Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott a few years ago when my mom gave me the book after her trip to Paris! Since I’m part french I was immediately drawn to the Parisian lifestyle and loved the idea of finding my true personal style and simplifying my wardrobe.

Since I’m a homeschooling mom I need my clothes to be comfortable and effortless- both doable with a capsule or 10-item wardrobe. For the Fall & Winter I need clothes that keep me warm, are easy to mix and match and that I feel beautiful in- for Spring & Summer I love wearing more color and patterns! In Oklahoma our spring will go from 40/50 degrees to a dramatic 70/80’s very quickly so my Spring capsule this year will have to be transitional and flexible- hey you make the rules, don’t put too many restrictions on yourself- the idea is that it helps YOU dress better and wear the clothes you truly love.

For me the 10-item wardrobe with extras is too restrictive, so I came up with my own version, it’s called the 5×5. You take the 5 categories in your closet and see what you have in each category, see what’s missing and let that guide you in your new purchases.

I don’t personally inventory jackets because they seem to last so many years and not be a core wardrobe item! I adore dresses and once it’s hot I gravitate toward wearing more because they are so easy and effortless (that Parisian word again!) I truly believe no matter your style, having some day dresses is a lifesaver; you just grab and go! You must try on lots of styles and give yourself a variety of colors, patterns and lengths. I think something slightly structured around the waist is flattering- only if your waist is smaller then your hips and chest, if you don’t have an hourglass curved body go for a shift style!

I really enjoy looking for a new trend or two to incorporate with each season, but I am not a slave to fashion. My budget and conscious won’t allow it- but I am intrigued by some new 2017 Spring trends like:



trends I don’t like on me are:

  • cold shoulder t-shirt
  • off the shoulder blouse
  • crop tops
  • one shoulder blouse

The key to a wardrobe you LOVE is knowing your style, my 2 style words are VINTAGE & FEMININE. So with every purchase I keep those words in mind- I love all things girly but I don’t wear pink- ha! I love stripes, vintage prints and floral but still balance it with black jeans in the fall and winter. Try on all your clothes, see what you feel amazing and confident in and donate the rest. Seriously! As I age (I’m already 35!) I want to look more polished then I did as a teenager and 20 something, but that doesn’t mean I wear clothes that don’t feel like me- it’s strange but I do not like classic button downs- I buy them and never wear them? But they are a classic right? Not for me- so I look for classics with a twist! A collarless button down with a peplum waist and print is what I gravitate toward for example.

The truth is, a beautiful wardrobe that you LOVE takes time and effort- but is worth it, YOU’RE worth it. Besides shopping at Zara, Anthropologie, Madewell and Everlane I am determined to buy some thrifted pieces, vintage pieces and sew a handmade piece from Megan Nielsen Patterns, these are the two I cannot stop thinking about:

The basic idea for your wardrobe is make a plan and work from there- you won’t mindlessly shop and you’ll LOVE every piece you add to your spring wardrobe and hopefully will wear them year after year!




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