Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I love this holiday (no pun intended!) because you can show love to those around you whether its a friend, family member or the love of your life! Honestly I think we need more days about love and gift giving- I love picking gifts for my husband even though he is hard to shop for… actually some years I actually pick out my own gift & send very subtle messages or links to items I would love for him to buy me- he he.

So I’m here sharing a few of my favorite things for this Day of Love- ideas for yourself, a friend or family member who you want to bless with a thoughtful gift.

I’ve also included some special discount codes- my dear friend Calli at StoryWeaver Mercantile (earrings, bracelet, necklace and clutch) is offering a special of 15% off with the code: LIZZYLOVESHEALTH until Friday February 17th and one of my favorite online shops Good Medicine Beauty Lab (non toxic perfume & bath salts) has a discount of 25% off with code: LOVEFEST that expires tonight February 9th! These pajamas are dreamy and are 30% off at J.crew with the code: HEARTYOU

I’ll walk you through my favorites from left to right:

Earrings: $35

Mug: $8.99

Book: $12

Facemask: $45

Perfume $45 (or $14 for mini)

Pajamas: $78 ($58.50 with code)

Underwear: $12.50 (or 3 for $27)

Bracelet: $15

Necklace: $39

Clutch: $36

Bath Salts: $32 (or $12 for mini)

Makeup Brushes: $15

All of these favorites of mine will easily be a favorite of yours- if you decide to take a chance and treat yourself (or a friend!) Happy Valentines Day Friends!



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