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Health is very complex and for each person it means something different. I used to think it was mainly what food you ate (80% of your health) but I’m learning that stress can cancel out organic food and supplements so fast it’s like you didn’t eat them! I have been learning through the book Radical Remission  that our bodies need emotional healing, stress management and purified water just as much as food from the earth, and that each person needs to be in tune with their body to understand the unique balance. I’ve been trying to add these other aspects and make them a lifestyle, but to make lasting changes each habit needs to be added slowly and consciously. I like how Kirby Andersen talks about “Stacking” healthy habits on top of each other- at breakfast add your vitamins and essential oils, at bath time add dry brushing etc. That way they are sustainable and since most days you will eat and shower (he he) these will most likely stick.

My health journey started years ago (about 12 years in fact) and was born out of the inability to breath very well, I struggled with major food allergies that attacked my respiratory system and I had to educate myself on how my body needed to be taken care of and I feel like I’ve learned some very important habits that keep my immune system strong.

I want to create a weekly checklist for myself because my memory is feeling full and I like seeing consistency! I want it to look similar to this Daily Health Checklist from the blog KSA Interiors, its easy to read and to see what areas you are struggling in from week to week.

I have spent years trying supplements from different companies and these are things I feel are important for my health, here’s what I’m currently doing:

Now for a few healthy habits I want to add this year are:

Here’s my health habits 2 week tracker: health habits 2 week tracker

I have been using my weekly tracker and its been shocking to see on paper where I’m less consistent and it’s helped me shift my focus. You’ve heard that saying “Nothing changes if nothing changes” so I’m here making small changes and being as realistic as possible.  My tracker is in increments of 2 weeks which helps see how important each day is toward a strong immune system.

I would encourage you to ask yourself which health habits resonated with you from the list, decide to implement 4-5 new ones this year, only you know the ones that your body needs right now!

Did you see something missing from my list? please let me know in the comments- I love learning about new health habits!




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